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Sunday, June 9, 2013


"Something is wrong," I told myhusband after checking our bank account online. The balance of $17.00 told me I had spent more money than I thought, or someone else had.

We had been hacked. While we were enjoying a leisurely lunch with my friends at East Metro Atlanta Christian Writiers, our bank account was being emptied by someone in another state.

We immediately contacted the store where the transactions took place and the police departments of the respective cities, as well as our local authorities. Our debit cards were cancelled by our bank and we were left wondering how this could have happened.

We are always careful, but now we will need to take stricter precautions when making purchases. For example, I will not pay restaurant bills with a debit card any longer if it requires the card leaving my presence while it is run. I will use cash or a credit card. I don't store card information when paying a bill by phone or debit card, but now I think I will just mail them a check. Even when they say the information is secure, someone seems to find a way to hack in.

What are some ways you protect your finances?

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