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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Not Goodbye- Just See You Later

Last Sunday, February 17, 2013 my dad went to be with Jesus. Although I know he is in a better place and he is happy and free from all discomfort and suffering of this world, we are still experiencing grief.

The separation from our loved ones, even though temporarily, is still a curve we have to navigate in this life. How do we do that and still function in our everyday routine?

  • First, allow yourself to grieve. It's ok to feel sad because it is a loss to the life you know.
  • Remember happy times. Reminisce with friends and loved ones and talk about the memories you made together.
  • Let others help you. Don't try to do everything that needs to be done alone.
  • Finally, whenever sadness seems to overwhelm you, remember Jesus is always with you. He loves you and gives His comfort to you. You are never alone.
So I dedicate this to my dad, Lloyd Watson, and because I know I will see him again, I say "see you later, Dad." Never goodbye.

Are you experiencing grief? Leave a comment and share your story.

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