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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thanks to our Heroes

In honor of our fallen heroes, I would like to share this poem.

A Hero’s Tribute
by Barbara Latta

The plane’s engines hum as it rolls to a stop

The rear hatch opens and the door slowly drops.

Uniforms march two by two, side by side,

Gloved hands raise to salute those who died.

Flags drape the coffins as they are carried away

Comrades in arms they will be to this day.

Heroes of war who have paid the price

Coming back home to their loved ones cries.

They are moved to the grave as the bugler plays taps

Young children watch from their mother’s laps.

The rifles’ repeat echoes off the banks

Our heroes are resting as the nation says “thanks”.

Share your thoughts about Memorial Day or pay tribute to a hero in your life.

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