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Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground (Psalm 143:10 NASB).

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Be Still and Know That He Is God

by Barbara Latta

It’s early morning and even though the afternoon heat has been stifling and unbearable the last few weeks, the mornings are cool. It’s the perfect time to sit in my favorite reading place-the hammock on my back porch.

As I sip my coffee I listen as birds grace the air with their songs. Two mockingbirds are squawking at each other as they swoop up and down in flight. The fussing interrupts the coo of the doves and a squirrel scurries down a tree to investigate something on the ground. A small green lizard perches on the stair railing, its throat pulsating with orange. It stared at me for a few moments before scampering away in search of an insect meal. God’s creation is in symphony and it is rest for my soul.

In the quietness the Spirit speaks. No technology assists me. Just the tissue thin pages of my leather bound Bible as I thumb through the chapters in search of my chosen passage. I love that rustling sound.

In this moment of quietness I can see and hear His presence all around. We need some time away from our devices each day, not only for the physical benefits of resting eyes, fingers, and wrists; but to give our minds rest.

Be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10). You’ll be amazed at what you hear.

What do you do for quietness? 

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  1. I sit at my dining room table and look out a wall of windows in hopes of spotting butterflies and bids lighting on my deck.Absolutely love nature!