God's Roadmap

Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground (Psalm 143:10 NASB).

About the Blog

The idea for Navigating Life's Curves came to me while my husband I and I were riding on the motorcycle. As I sat on the backseat while we cruised down the road, I became more aware of hazards that could be up ahead. 

Potholes, debris, slick spots, deep ditches and distracted drivers could be causes for accidents. Careful observance and diligence are required to maintain safety. When rules are not obeyed, disaster can strike.

Life contains hazards, as well. No one lives their life without tragedies and heartache attacking us from time to time. But many disasters can be avoided by following God's rules for living. We must navigate life's road and stay alert for possible potholes in the journey of life.

God's Word is our compass. Following His direction will lead and guide us down the path with comfort, peace and love when we listen to His guidance system instead of our own.

My husband collects compasses. I love to peruse antique stores in search of antique navigational devices to add to his collection. The one on this page is from World War II with the letters U.S. embossed on the cover. 

As I look at each piece of brass and silver with a north-pointing needle, I am reminded of the Light of the world who points us to the Father who will never lead us in the wrong direction.

God's Word is the compass for our life and He does navigate our life's curves when we give Him control.

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