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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Help for the Hurting Heroes

by Barbara Latta

We can never do enough to thank our military members for the work they do to protect us and keep us free. This month we celebrate our nation’s birth and it’s only because of people who were willing to fight, suffer, and die that victory was won and we became a free and independent nation. Since the Revolutionary War, soldiers and sailors have been continuing to defend our country and they have paid a heavy price.

Coming home for a veteran should be a joyous occasion, but for those who are wounded the battles continue. Thankfully, there are numerous organizations that take these heroes under their wing and help them become whole again.

One of these is the Roever Foundation located in Ft. Worth, Texas. This is a faith-based organization helping veterans, troubled teens, and needy children around the world. Its founder, Dave Roever, was severely wounded in the war in Vietnam and has been telling his story about healing and redemption since his recovery.  

One of the projects of the Roever Foundation is Operation Warrior RECONnect assisting returning veterans in learning to function in life again. Education, spiritual renewal, healing, and bonding are provided in various locations throughout the country. A wounded hero is also a wounded family. Those surrounding the veteran also have to learn to cope with injuries that may be permanent, as well as the mental and emotional stresses of the changes this brings to life.

Dave Roever can truly say he knows how these soldiers feel. He has been there and experienced life from death. What better way to show these true American heroes that there is life after war. They gave their all on the battlefield. Jesus gave His all at the cross. That’s the reason there is hope for all who suffer.

I encourage you to visit the Roever Foundation, www.roeverfoundation.org, and see how you can help.

Do you know a wounded hero? Feel free to pay tribute here.

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