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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Do We Really Remember 9/11?

by Barbara Latta

9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon

Muslims attacked and killed thousands of Americans on September 11, 2001. We said we would never forget. Yet in 2008 this country elected a Muslim as President of the United States. The government twists and turns to protect the rights of this group under the guise of freedom of religion, yet Christians are targeted and forced to give up rights due to new laws that have been passed.  Muslim bakers are not forced to make wedding cakes for homosexual marriages, but Christian-owned bakeries must go out of business for refusing the same thing. 

This week a Muslim flight attendant complained her religious freedom was violated because she was required to serve alcohol to passengers. Why would you apply for a job you knew had job requirements your religion prohibited? Sounds suspicious to me.
Memorial plaque at the Pentagon

A court clerk in Kentucky is in jail because of her beliefs, but a Muslim will get protected. It hasn't happened yet, but probably will because the government is too cowardly to stand up against them. This is clearly discrimination.

A Christian man has been in prison for three years because of his faith. He is an American citizen, but rather than bargain for his release, the Obama administration gives a nuclear weapon to Iran. 

We are told to be tolerant of Islam. Why should I tolerate beheadings, planes blowing up, children being raped, and villages burned? ISIS runs rampant because no one, including our government, will do anything about them. 

Do we really remember 9/11 or do we just not care anymore?

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