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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight

by Barbara Latta

On September 23, 1779, John Paul Jones, in command of the Bonhomme Richard, encountered the British ship Serapis. After numerous cannon hits into the Richard, the British commander asked if Jones was ready to surrender. It was then the famous rally “I have not yet begun to fight,” was heard across the ocean waves into the ears of the disbelieving British crew. Even though it seemed all hope was lost for the American ship, a crew member tossed a grenade down an open hatch on the British vessel causing an explosion. The Americans boarded the now crippled Serapis and overtook the crew as they watched the Bonhomme Richard sink into the sea.

Our country may be crippled with corrupt politicians who want to strip us of our rights and inflict unconstitutional policies, but we do not have to give up. We can learn from John Paul Jones that we can still win if we continue to fight. 

United States Capitol Building

Rally around your representatives and make your voice heard. 

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