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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Live a Fear Free Life

by Barbara Latta 

Several years ago my husband and two sons learned to scuba dive. I was never a strong
swimmer and didn’t like having my face in the water.  I didn’t want to learn with them, instead I would rather just watch from the sidelines. But they talked me into taking the course. I was scared, but I also decided I didn’t want fear to rule my life anymore.

It took me longer than usual to finish the class, and I had some bad moments. But that was only because I was so paralyzed with terror I couldn’t function.  Finally, I decided to memorize some scripture and I repeated them to myself every time I was in the water. I succeeded in finishing the course. And more important to me, I overcame my fear because I faced the obstacle and didn’t run away from it.

How do we live fear free?

Focusing on what God says instead of negative news is the first step to preventing fear from controlling our lives. When the constant stream of information going into our brains is full of fear and hopelessness, we feel no options are available. God’s truth supersedes worldly news. And we must remember worldly news always has a secular spin designed to draw listeners to their message.

The beginning of fear

Fear started in the Garden of Eden. When Adam sinned, he hid from God. This was something he had never done before. New emotions were playing in his soul that was foreign to him and he didn’t know what to do. While nothing had changed with God, everything had changed with Adam and Eve. New feelings, experiences, and the way they related to each other came into existence.

Television commercials play on human fear. Medications are advertised to create the fear of contracting a disease so the listener will request the miracle drug from the doctor. Fear of aging will drive customers to the latest wrinkle cream or surgical procedure. Fear of rejection may cause people to compromise values and make wrong decisions so they will be accepted by others. 

When we listen to something other than God, we are hiding from him like Adam and Eve did. We are placing our faith in a voice other than the Almighty. All fear starts with something heard or experienced that is consumed and meditated upon until a seed is formed producing a harvest. Constant meditation on anything produces what is being thought about. My fear of being under water was exacerbated by the continued replaying in my mind a disaster happening.

Overcoming fear

If I had changed my thoughts to successful underwater navigation I would have been mentally practicing the elements I needed to act on. Keeping God’s word before me
reassured my mind of His protection and success. That is the only way I navigated the scuba course and completed it. Later, when I got in the water to dive with my family, I could feel fear rising in me again. I stood on the Word of God to push me forward and wipe out the feelings trying to paralyze me.

Most things we are afraid of never happen. Whatever you are dealing with is real to your mind, but its power over you doesn’t have to be. There is nothing that cannot be overcome with the Word of God. Standing on His promises in faith washes away the fear and brings in the victory.

Feel free to share some experiences that have caused you fear and how you dealt with the situation.

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