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Now may the Lord Jesus Christ and our Father God, who loved us and in his wonderful grace gave us eternal comfort and a beautiful hope that cannot fail, encourage your hearts and inspire you with strength to always do and speak what is good and beautiful in his eyes (2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 TPT).

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Count Your Blessings All Year

By Barbara Latta

2015 is over now and most of us can’t remember many of the things we encountered during the year. We may bring to mind major happenings, traumatic events and happy celebrations, but what about the everyday mundane incidents that can still affect our lives?
Small tokens of appreciation, a hug from a loved one, a compliment, or enjoying a sunset are events that bring enjoyment to us but are often forgotten days later. I read about this idea in a magazine so I can’t take credit for creating it, but I think it’s a good exercise to do for the year.

Create a good news jar

Find a jar, empty popcorn or cookie tin, or maybe a bowl you don’t need and each day
during the year write something good about that day on a small slip of paper and put into your jar. Date each remembrance and don’t look at the records until the end of the year. On New Year’s Eve, while waiting on the midnight ball to fall announcing the turn of the calendar, the family can have fun reading their slips of paper to each other.

Did you enjoy baking cookies with the kids today? Write that down. A special card may have come in the mail, or one of the children may have conquered a hurdle by bringing home a good grade on a subject they struggle with. Did the flowers bloom today, was the sun shining or did you hear your favorite song at church? Don’t consider anything too insignificant. If it made an impact on you, it is important to your life.

By recording your special memories, whether large or small, you will find yourself looking for things to be thankful for that otherwise would have been forgotten. You may even realize you met some of your New Year’s goals without struggling to do so. Sharing what was important to you about each day can also spark another family member’s memory about that event and your loved ones may be able to add to your list.

An old hymn I’ve heard all my life is titled, “Count Your Blessings” and has a verse that says, “Count your many blessings, name them one by one, count your many blessings, see what God has done.” Your next New Year’s Eve can be more special when you remember how blessed the year you just lived has been.

What would you like to remember about 2015? Share your thoughts.

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