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Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Cost of War

by Barbara Latta

As we honor our fallen heroes, taking a look at the numbers gives us a mental picture of the cost of
The cost of war
war. These paid the ultimate price to buy our freedom, protect that freedom from being taken, and to fight for those who couldn’t defend themselves. Many others paid a different price by coming home wounded and scarred or suffering from PTSD. We have lost too many to suicide because the experiences of the battlefield continued to haunt their minds.

Also, hundreds were missing in action and never found. The search continues to bring their remains home. Others were tortured and suffered tremendously in prisoner of war camps.

Remember each number in these statistics represents a person; a person who left grieving family members behind and who gave their all for their country.

Revolutionary War – Estimates of 25,000; 8,000 from battle and 17,000 from disease. George Washington’s decision to inoculate his troops against smallpox saved thousands.
Civil War - More than 600,000. This was the costliest war ever fought by Americans.
War of 1812 – 2,260 in battle, 15,000 from disease.
Spanish-American War – 3,289 of which 260 were on the USS Maine. The sinking of this ship started the war.
World War I – 116,516
World War II – 405,399
Korean Conflict – 36,574 (Congress hasn’t declared war since World War II so anything after that time is considered a conflict. However, ask those who fought. I’m sure they consider these times a war.)
Vietnam Conflict – 58,220
Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm – 293
Operation Iraqi Freedom – 4,422
Operation New Dawn – 66
Operation Enduring Freedom – 2,355
Operation Inherent Resolve – 7
Operation Freedom’s Sentinel – 3

Vietnam Memorial
We are still engaged in a battle against terrorism and these numbers continue to climb.
May we never forget the cost of what we have in our country and to thank those who are protecting us. America has been blessed by God because our roots were founded in His Word.  

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  1. Oh, my word. I'm at a loss for words. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Yes, me too. Every time I see the numbers they are staggering. We have so much to be thankful for. Thanks, Terri, for stopping by.