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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Christians and War - What does the Bible say?

by Barbara Latta

The morality of war has been questioned for centuries. In our modern era, many churches spouting the name of Christ have maligned veterans and called for the end of the military as we know it. This not only hurts those who have served so bravely, but these groups have also misinterpreted scripture to conform to their way of thinking.
Christians and war - what does the Bible say?

After the War of 1812, Quaker John Murray wrote a letter to Founding Father John Jay complaining about the sins of war. In one of his replies, Jay stated:

“Had the Gospel regarded as being in every case sinful, it seems strange that the Apostle Paul should have been so unguarded as in teaching the importance of faith to use an argument which clearly proves the lawfulness of war, ‘That it was through faith that Gideon, David, and others waxed valiant in fight, and turned to flight the armies of aliens’ (Hebrews 11:34), thereby confirming the declaration of David, that it was God Who has ‘girded him with strength to battle, and had taught his hands to war and his fingers to fight’ (Psalm 18:39).”

In a fallen world, peace is only obtained through the defense of such peace. War is necessary to obtain and preserve the freedoms God has given to us.

War is wrong when it is used to overthrow a just government or to obtain more power and wealth such as the way Hitler, Mussolini, Communist dictators and terrorists have done for decades. But without war to stop those despots, the entire world would now be consumed with evil. And that is not God’s plan.

Jesus told us to, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). That is only done when we pave the way for the freedom to do so.

As we honor our veterans this week, remember why the United States of America exists. She exists because the Father of all blessing has bestowed upon us the honor of carrying the torch of freedom to the world.

Here are some ways you can honor a veteran, not only during Veteran’s Day, but every day:
  • Pray for them.
  • Support legislation that will increase their benefits.
  • Buy them a meal or cup of coffee when you see them in restaurants.
  • Thank them in person.
  • Honor the flag they fight for.
You can also show your appreciation to our service members through collecting military memorabilia or conducting interviews for the Veterans History Project, or by donating snacks and toiletries through Operation Show Our Love

Thank you, Veterans, for your service and sacrifices, and may God bless America!

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