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Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's Ok To Cry

by Barbara Latta

I have three friends who lost a parent this week. No matter how old we get that passing will never be easy. Two years ago, I lost my dad. Even though I have experienced the death of grandparents, aunts, and uncles this one was different. Because this was someone I had lived in the same house with, someone who raised me, and who I saw every day until I grew up and left home.

Death is a transition from a life bound by the physical to a glorified, spiritual body that can do anything. We rejoice knowing our loved one is no longer held by the chains of this earthly life. But we still have to cope with the void left behind by their absence. It’s a ripping away of the soul because we have ties with those we love. It hurts. We know they are happy, but we grieve for ourselves because it’s painful to be without them. They are gone, but death leaves a shadow.

But in the pain we can have peace. While I allow myself to grieve, I will not wallow in mourning. I allow myself the memories, but not the despair of regret.

Remembering the joy that is before the loved one who has departed from this earth will bring us comfort if we will dwell on that fact instead of our loss. The separation is only temporary. When I experience grief, I will think about how happy my loved one is in the presence of the Lord. I will give my hurts to God.

Sometimes people pass on without their friends and family having the assurance the loved one was right with God. Be assured God is merciful and allows everyone plenty of chances to make Jesus the Lord of their life before they leave this earth.

God knows our pain and He says it’s ok to cry. Just don’t forget that he will one day wipe away our tears.

Feel free to share your thoughts about your experiences with grief.


  1. I needed this after just losing my mom before Christmas. Wonderfully said, Barbara.

  2. I'm glad it helped, Terri. It's never easy to tell them goodbye. Thank God He is our comforter.