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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Driving Safely in Bad Weather

Tuesday's Tips
by Barbara Latta

The United States has been encased in some type of bad weather within the last few weeks, with few exceptions. Even though authorities warn people to stay off the roads, some don’t heed that advice. If you are going to venture out anyway, or if you simply have no choice, here are a few tips to keep in mind to stay as safe as possible.
Stay Off Brakes In Curves

Snowy or Icy Road Travel
  • Slow Down – even an all-wheel vehicle cannot do everything. Reduce speed by at least 10 mph and more if needed.
  • Black Ice—be aware this can form on bridges, in shadows of buildings, or anyplace that does not receive sunlight during the day. The haze is hard to see and does not respond to the de-icing methods highway departments use.
  • Don’t Tailgate—stay at least a football field length behind the car in front of you, but close enough to see its tail lights. This will give you plenty of stopping room if needed.
  • Stay Off Brakes—when making a turn, simply slow down and feather the brakes, then coast through the turn with your foot off the brake and the gas pedal.
  • If You Skid—stay off brakes and gas pedal, turn into the direction of the slide and the car will correct itself. If you are skidding to the right, turn the wheel to the right.

Keep Proper Distance Between Vehicles

Car Trouble

  • Stay Out Of The Traffic Path—pull over as safely as possible to avoid being hit by passing vehicles
  • Don’t Leave Your Vehicle—stay with your car until help arrives. You are safer inside the car, than out wandering in snow.
  • Keep Tailpipe Clear—if snow is piled up behind your stranded car, clear the area around the tailpipe to avoid carbon monoxide fumes building up inside.

Hopefully, you can stay inside during inclement weather, but if you do get out, please do everything you can to stay safe. Next week, we will explore safe driving in rain and fog and share some tips to keep your vehicle prepared for whatever mother nature brings.

What driving tips have worked for you? Feel free to share your comments with others.


  1. What about motorcycling in bad weather? Here's a few tips: 1. Remember that you and your motorcycle are INVISIBLE to those who ride (... in cages = automobiles) . 2. Remember that you and your motorcycle are at the bottom of the "pecking-order" ! i.e. DO NOT ENGAGE in any challenge with a cage. 3. Riding is mortally serious and any misfortune on your bike is inversely proportional to the expense and pain (i.e. putting it down or dropping it... ouch!) 4. ALWAYS wear the proper riding gear and have on a dog tag that describes your medical condition and "next of kin" contact information. If you think you might ever be in a fire then have appropriate instructions on the tag, i.e. "If you find me on fire, then don't put me out!") Can you think of any other advices?
    Tom Morgan

    1. Thank you, Tom, for those wonderful tips. I don't like being caught on a bike in bad weather, but we never know when that will happen. It's important to be prepared and watch out for those "other guys".