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Monday, June 24, 2013

Navigating Sick Computers

We do things for our bodies to keep them healthy like eating right, taking vitamins, and exercising. We try to protect ourselves from bacteria and viruses by avoiding places where they are and by cleaning surfaces and washing our hands. Sometimes that is not enough and we still get sick.

Unfortunately, the same is true in the computer world. Viruses are out there and we can contract them even when taking all the known precautions. Recently one of our computers obained a virus that totally wiped out the hard drive. After several hours of work, it was restored.

One of the computer programmers we had on the phone told us this little trick to get your computer restored back to its original settings. It finally worked on ours so I would like to share it.

When turning your computer on, before the screen even lights up, tap the F11 key repeatedly. Then your blue screen should come on with a menu asking if you would like to restore your computer to its original settings. As far as I know, this works on all brands of computers.

Maybe you will never need to do this, but if you do I hope this helps.

Do you have some other tips to share on bringing a sick computer back to health?

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