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Sunday, November 9, 2014

In Appreciation To Our Vets

by Barbara Latta

For most of us, daily routines are exercised with little thought of the process it takes to complete them. Putting on shoes, brushing our teeth, finding our car keys are all on the multi-item list of things we do without being conscious of our actions.

But what if it took so much effort to bend over and tie your shoes that you couldn’t even do it? Or comb your hair, pick up a book, or feed yourself? Then those tasks become major obstacles to ordinary life. 

Every day hundreds of our veterans wake up to world different from the one they knew before they went to war. No matter which war they fought in a heavy price was paid to preserve or win freedom, not only for those in other countries, but also to keep the freedom we have at home from being taken away. Because atrocities do not stop at borders.

The extreme injuries and sufferings of some our veterans is compounded by the recent Veteran’s Administration scandal. To have all these medical needs, and then have the door slammed shut by the very government that sent you in harm’s way on any aid you require, is an even worse tragedy.

We still have the best country in the world. It’s up to us, the ordinary citizens, to make sure our veterans receive the respect and honor they deserve. Without the heroic efforts of those willing to fight and die, from the Revolutionary War to present, we would not have a free America. We can’t undo their injuries and heartbreak, but we can appreciate them.

There are many agencies that support and provide healing to returning vets. We can help our heroes by supporting these groups, showing our appreciation whenever we meet someone who has served, and continue to encourage our elected officials to provide resources for our military. Cutting defense spending only reduces the resources they will have, and reduces the numbers in the military available to fight while the enemy continues to grow in numbers.

These are the citizens in our country that deserve the highest respect, the best medical care, and the continued thanks of us all.Thank you to all who have worn a uniform and served honorably in our United States military.

Feel free to share your appreciation for our veterans in the comments section.


  1. Appreciate your thoughtful comments, Barbara. Your compassion for our heroes is thoughtful and timely. God bless our men and women!

  2. Thank you, Patricia, for also appreciating our heroes.