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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Responsible Pet Ownership

by Barbara Latta

Caring for abandoned dogs
After arriving home from a long trip, we were greeted by four adorable puppies climbing our back porch stairs. Woofs and howls echoed through the air as tails wagged and paws the size of my fist jumped up and down on my legs. The bowl we filled with dog food was quickly emptied and then turned into a toy to toss across the yard.

After talking to others on our street, we found out the puppies had been in our area for a few weeks, apparently abandoned by some irresponsible person. The dogs are being well cared for by us and our neighbors while we are all in the process of finding homes for them.

Pet ownership requires time, expense, and discipline. If a person is unwilling to invest their life into the lives of the animal, they have no business owning one. It is not only irresponsible to abandon a pet, it is cruel. These critters depend upon humans for their welfare. They are not wild animals but if left unattended, they soon will be. And that spells disaster for the pet and for the humans around them.

If you have pet and can’t care for it, consider options instead of throwing them out.

  • Contact Rescue Shelters – find one at www.petfinder.com.
  • Place Ads in newspapers
  • Put Posters at veterinarians offices
  • Ask people you know
Cats need care
If you have an adult dog or cat, have it spayed or neutered. Unless you are a breeder, you have no reason to skip this procedure. Limiting the number of unwanted pets in communities is humane for the animals and protective of the homes and families. Some agencies will perform these surgeries at a reduced cost such as www.fidofixers.org.

God placed animals on the earth for our benefit and enjoyment. We are directed to take dominion over them and care for them (Genesis 1:28). Please take that commission seriously.

Do you have other options for finding homes for unwanted pets? Join the conversation and share.

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