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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Properly Wash Your Car

Tuesday's Tips

by Barbara Latta

Spring if finally emerging. Residue from road grime, de-icing chemicals, and weather can be built up on vehicles after battling winter. Here are some safe ways to remove those harmful particles from your car.

Start With the Interior

Loosen dirt before your vacuum
  1. Using a stiff brush, loosen any dried mud or stuck particles, then use a small air compressor to blow the dirt toward the center. This makes it easier to vacuum it up.
  2. Use non-ammonia window cleaner for glass. A microfiber cloth won’t leave lint.
  3. Leather should be cleaned with a compound containing an aloe conditioner. Ammonia based products used on leather and dashboards will dry out the material.

Wheels and Tires

Clean wheels and tires before the body of the car. I always thought I needed to do this last, but according to pros that is not correct. Non-acid products won’t cause oxidation or pit alloy wheels.

Paint Surfaces

  1. Hand washing is best because you can feel the surface and scrub off any stuck on grime. A cleaning solution designed for vehicles is safe for the paint while dishwashing detergent will strip off any wax coatings and leave the car susceptible to more scratches and dings.
  2. Hand washing cars is best
  3. Wax wears off over time. Replace the wax as seasons change.

As you start your spring cleaning, don’t forget your mode of transportation. Keeping it clean and new looking will give you more years of enjoyment as you ride.

What about you? Do you have cleaning and detailing tips to share? Join the conversation.

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