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Now may the Lord Jesus Christ and our Father God, who loved us and in his wonderful grace gave us eternal comfort and a beautiful hope that cannot fail, encourage your hearts and inspire you with strength to always do and speak what is good and beautiful in his eyes (2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 TPT).

Sunday, October 9, 2016

How Is Your Spirit Like the Universe?

by Barbara Latta

Astronomers tell us the universe is expanding. Scientists at NASA using the Hubble theory
The universe is expanding.
can project the universe’s expansion rate up to one billion light years. These facts surpass our ability to comprehend.

This tells me the universe is infinite; that this expansion could go on eternally. I like to think of these cosmic pieces drifting through space and forming new galaxies as leftovers from the creation. I can visualize God saying, “Light be!” and light came out of Him into an explosion of power from which He created the rest of the world. (My version, of course!)

If you are a believer, He did the same thing inside you when you became born again. Your dead spirit left and God put His Spirit inside you. Because God is infinite and eternal, the seed He placed inside each of us will continue to expand and grow as we nourish and water that creation with His Word.

I think when we get to heaven we will still be learning and growing because we can never contain everything about God. We will be expanding eternally in our glorified bodies and one billion light years from now we will contain more of the eternal Father than we had before, but we will have billions more light years to absorb. We will never get to the end because there is no end. Like the universe, we will be ever expanding.

How marvelous is that? Share your thoughts.


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